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写真:サイクルツーリズムの様々な活動 写真:サイクルツーリズムの様々な活動

Through cycle tourism we are aiming for a cycle friendly and attractive region Through cycle tourism we are aiming for a cycle friendly and attractive region

Uminonakamichi/Shikanoshima area in the east of Fukuoka city is blessed with abundant nature, a long history, and unique foods and culture. Many tourists visit from within Japan as well as overseas.
Because of the attractive nature and geography, the number of cyclists (people who love cycling) is increasing. However, it can be said that more could be done to ensure safe riding and increase understanding from local residents.

With this in mind, in partnership with businesses and groups both from within and outside the area, we have been working towards a safer cycling environment, and finding ways for people to enjoy the foods and nature – the natural resources – and helping the local community to become more vibrant in this area since April 2015 when the council was established.

Target area
  • Island City
  • Gannosu
  • Uminonakamichi
  • Shikanoshima
council structure
Residents' association/ chamber of commerce / local businesses / local joint organizations and related organizations


1Promotion of bicycle use

Within the area working together with remtal cycle businesses to inprove things for a safer and more enjoyable riding environment, while also helping to raise the appeal of cycle tourism.

Map of cycle stations
地図:レンタルサイクル事業者の所在地 シカシマサイクル、海の中道サイクルステーション(2014年から2019年)、みなとサイクルステーション、ガンレクサイクルステーション

2Socail action program

A part of the income from rental cycle shops and cycle stations is donated to help the local community. This is called the One Bike Local Good Fund
This is used to help local groups and events, working together with NPO, towards sustained local safety and development for cylists.

about the One Bike for Local Good Fund
1)Bike Rental or Use Coupon 自転車を借りるorクーポンを使う 2)Donate to Local Good 収益の一部をNPOや地域団体などに寄付 3)Practical Use 道路環境保全や地域振興など 1)Bike Rental or Use Coupon 自転車を借りるorクーポンを使う 2)Donate to Local Good 収益の一部をNPOや地域団体などに寄付 3)Practical Use 道路環境保全や地域振興など
Cyclists clean up day
Rental cycle shop is taking a portion of the profit from cycle stations and using it for contribution to the local commnity “One Bike for Local Good”
To this end, we are working together with the local NPO Green City Fukuoka to protect Shikanoshima’s natural environment. For example, activities like cleaning the cycling route roads up to Shiomi Park.
Cycle Aid
To make cycling safe and enjoyable, we have asked local shops and businesses to cooperate with things like having bike pumps or repair kits on hand
there are 4 Cycle Aid places (as of 2020)
※These places have the tools available, however they do not do the reapairs – that is up to the cyclists themselves
Share the Road movement
1.5m Consideration Movement that started in Ehime prefecture
Leave a 1.5m space when over taking bicyles on a road and giving way to them are ways to show consideration to cyclists as they share the road with cars.

3Event planning and operation

Organizing and holding cycling events that showcase the area’s seasons and local events giving people a chance to try cycling. Giving people a chance to try things like a sports bike. Interaction with the local community through rental cycles. These are some of the activities we are taking part in. As well as cooperation with cycle related events in the area.

Event for trying a sports bike “Try Shikanoshima Ride”
Cooperation with Fukuoka Triathalon
Cooperation with Outdoor Park in Uminaka

4Public Relations activities

Area promotion through cycling maps, pamphlets and advertising.

Cycling map

5Research and suggestions

Making a safe and comfortable environment for cyclists. Research and meetings with the relavent institutions working towards an environment where cyclists, cars, and pedestrians can use the roads safely and in a cooperative way.

Questionnaire research / research about amount of cycle traffic etc
Warning notices and signboards
Cleaning the roads (clearing away sand build up)

History of the council

  • Shikashima Cycle, Saitozaki Station now open
  • Establishment of the cycle tourisn council.
  • Setting up one bike for local good fund.
  • Research into traffic ammount and road environment.
  • Getting cooperation from participants to maintain the road leading out to the island.
  • Experiment of being able to leave the bike you rented at any cycle station
  • First nd Second cleaning activities.
  • Research into ammount of cycle traffic.
  • Opened Minato Station and Gan-reku Station.
  • Start of being able to leave your bike at any cycle station.
  • Unification of rates and systems.
  • Third and Fourth clean up activites.
  • Research into ammount of cycle traffic.
  • Widening of the road out to the island and the inclusion of a cycle lane.
  • Cyclling signs put in the area.
  • Coupons for foreigners (foreign tourists?) in cooperation with Fukuoka city and the chamber of commerce.
  • 2 new Cycle Aid places.
  • Cycling tours with a guide.
  • 5th Clean Up activity.
  • Research into the amount of cycle traffic.
  • Start of the Share the Road 1.5m consideration movement.
  • Total number of users reaches 10,000.
  • Coupons for foreigners(in cooperation with Fukuoka with Fukuoka city and the chamber of commerce)
  • 2 more cycle aid stations (total now 4).
  • Guided cycling tour.
  • Sixth clean up activity.
  • Establishment of a cycle lane around Shikanoshima (road painting and signs).

in concert with other entrepreneurs


Shikanoshima Uminonakamichi Cycle-tourism Council